The world could not offer any hope to the individuals. The futile slogans about a prosperous “tomorrow” have become hopeless. Centuries have passed by, the so-called “peaceful tomorrow” is yet to dawn. On the contrary, day by day, man is plunging into darkness. Time has already proved that restlessness and disappointment which are embedded in an individual’s life cannot be banished by merely shouting slogans. We notice that in tune with scientific progress, difficulties are mounting and a segment of the society is marching forward without any hope.

The condition of those who depend upon this temporary world is really pathetic. We will not get any hope from this world which produces news, every moment, which are shameful and disappointing. Life has turned bitter for both the rich and the poor. Those who deal a life without God will be removed from this earth without any hope. For sometime the rich may appear to be enjoying life, but illness, sorrow and death are part and parcel of their lives. We can cite several instances when rich men and their lives in dissatisfaction. Wealth, ideals or influence can provide no remedy for the suffering of man which is the result of sin. Life without God will always be without hope.

Even though the future is dim, God has massage of hope to be given to man. In the past, man went away from God. Due to the fall from the presence of God and because of the sin, man experiences so much tribulations. Yet there is no reduction in God's love, mercy and faithfulness on man. Many unbelievers who live according to their wishes deny God. Nevertheless, God's love, mercy and faithfulness towards man are not diminished.

Therefore, it is all the more important that man should get back to the plan of God's salvation. This path of salvation is not prepared for a particular tribe, religion or clan. Nor real soul saving can be achieved collectively. Redemption from sin which is free to all mankind has to be obtained individually, because God desires to establish relationship with man individually. Any one who is really conscious of his prevailing desperate condition should turn his mind away from it. When man is convicted that he is sinning and above all because of his sin he is moving in the opposite direction of God and therefore, judgement will fall upon him. Man should turn his mind to God for salvation with real conviction about sin and repentance.

All worldly attempts aimed at deliverance are all connected with blood shed. There are many who have shed their blood for religion and country. Yet no man could shed blood as a penalty to man's sin. That was impossible to any one. But the Holy Bible says that the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed upon the cross established peace. The precious blood of the Son of God was shed for the sinners. Any one who repents, knowing that Jesus Christ has received punishment on his behalf, can accept Christ as his personal saviour and get redemption. Whoever believes in Jesus is assured of complete forgiveness of sin, saving of soul and eternal life. Christ died for our sins and rose from death for justification, according to Holy Bible. Therefore, he who believes in Him will be free of sin and becomes the spiritual person dedicated for a holy life.

The door of life is open to you, which you can enter by faith. At the same time, the word of God makes it clear that those who do not believe in Christ will have to face judgement. He who believes in Son will have eternal life, he who does not believe in the Son will not see life and the wrath of God will be upon Him (John 3:36 )

By faith in Christ, we can escape from sin and judgement. You may ask why only faith is prescribed for salvation by God. Though man departed from the presence of God because of unbelief and disobedience still he can return to God and the way is now open only through faith and trust. If without faith man cannot please man, without faith man can never please God. God who created the universe and who is its owner doesn't want material thing or unwanted rituals. All He wants is man's repentance and faith. All good deeds of man, without a personal relationship with God and faith, are like filthy rags.

The divine hope is promised even though we have a dark future in this world. No one is capable of saving himself. The little time given to you to live in this world is not entirely for possessing material things. God has a special purpose for man, that he should get deliverance from sin and attain eternal happiness. I will not be possible to anyone who only depend upon their efforts without God. Therefore, let there be a desire in your hearts to obey God! Let not the wind of doubt created by satan be allowed to blow off the light which is left in you.

You have already enjoyed this worldly life to some extent. However, are you prepared to look back and evaluate your pas life? Has this world given any sort of peace or hope?

Could you get any solution to your unrest from the wealth you earned, or your educational qualifications or your status in life? Even if you do not lack anything in life nor you have suffered any sorrow, there is no guarantee that this state of affairs will last for ever. Perhaps, you may be having a deep mental problem. May be, you are suffering from a disease which is beyond man's cure. Even if all have left you, as you read these lines, let your inner eyes turn to God. Every man will feel emptiness inside. Only God can remove it. All the sufferings of man are the result of sin. If man is not getting his sings forgiven and continues to live like that, he will have to face the judgement of God for ever.

If you are convinced and believe in Jesus Christ, you will have a “New Birth” within you. You will hear the God's voice that “old things will pass away…..behold, I make all things new”. God's statement that “their sins and inquities will I remember no more”. (Heb 10:17) will be fulfilled in you. And you will be with those blessed people who enjoy the peace which His saints experience.

Two ways are open for you. If your heart prompts you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, believe in Christ right now. Man does not know what will happen o him next moment. On the other hand, you can ignore this salvation. Yet, you should not forget the fact that the living God will also one day ignore you. If God is with you, no one can be against you. But if God is against you, no one can help. If you are justified by God, No one can condemn you. But if you are condemned by the sovereign God, no one is competent enough to save you. If you are not accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour where else will you find forgiveness for your sins? Whatever your state, irrespective of the magnitude of your sin, remember you are still not beyond the power of Christ to save.

Very soon man will have to depart from this dream world. The time is fast approaching to meet the Lord, on His day of reckoning. The wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intellect will vanish, merry-hearted will lament, the happiness brought by trumpet and Iyre and merrymakers joy, will come to nought. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who shed His life-giving blood for the remission of sins and gave His life at the cross resurrected and went to heaven, will soon come back in His glory as the “ King of Kings” to this world, to establish His kingdom and administer justice. On that day “at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”. (Phil 2:10, 11)

If you neglect the Lordship of the Saviour today, a day will come when you will have to confess Christ. But that belated confession will be a fore-runner of the eternal punishment. So now open up heart to receive Christ for salvation.

The Bible ends with a beautiful exhortation. “And the sprit and the bride say, ‘Come'. And let him that heareth say, ‘Come', And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” ( Rev 22:17 ). This free salvation you should not be rejected, nor should you ignore the complete redemption. This divine call to be free from the slavery of satan and sin, should not be ill-treated. Let the experience of salvation. Christ has prepared for you by paying the heavy price of shedding His blood, be fulfilled in you.


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